ION, grown up and moving out.

What is next for the ION project.

Sean DuBois -- 2022-07-19

Going forward the ION project will now be hosted at ionorg/ion. ION itself is not changing in any other way. We are just making these changes to more clearly reflect the actual leadership and organization of the project. Changes like this aren’t free though. Users may have to change imports, tooling and other software. We apologize for that, but hope these benefits are worth it.

Recognize the actual leadership of ION

The leadership and contributors of ION and Pion are often conflated. Often I will have users ask me questions or even thank me for ION. This confusion is demotivating for the people actually doing the hard work. I worry that long term it will hurt the project.

ION was created by adwpc and CloudWebRTC in March of 2019. As the project has progressed it saw significant changes from tarrencev and OrlandoCo who made architectural changes and other leadership. ION also has a healthy community of developers answering questions and building tools. TannerGabriel, leewardbound and billylindeman always seems to be helping users on Slack

I hope by separating ION and Pion it will make the leadership clearer and help users reach the right people.

Support all the Servers/SFUs written with Pion

At the time no other Pion based servers existed. Pion users were requesting an easier solution for building servers, so it made sense to make one. As time went on developers outside the Pion project built these new and interesting WebRTC server projects (sorted alphabetically).

  • DuckSoup - Videoconferencing tool for social experiments.
  • Galène - SFU that is easy to deploy with low resource requirements designed for lectures, conferences and tutorials.
  • Harmony - Voice and text communications platform
  • Kraken - SFU designed especially for group audio conferencing.
  • LiveKit - Room based API that is horizontally-scalable out of the box.
  • Plug-N-Meet - Providers higher level WebRTC tools with plugins for Joomla, Moodle, Wordpress

With ION existing under the Pion organization users would unfairly ignore these other projects. I want to celebrate and encourage everyone who is building things with Pion.